Spring is the season of new beginnings. The harsh winter is behind us, the sun is trying to shine and there are signs of new life wherever we look. It’s the season to try something new and be bold with your beauty choices. And in 2021, Spring has a whole new meaning.

It is the season that we see the COVID-19 restrictions ease slowly but surely. The season we can see our loved ones, and shop and eat out and visit our local pub. Finally – we have a reason (other than Zoom) to try out the beauty trends of the season!

And there are plenty of Spring trends that we can wait to see.

Makeup Trends For Spring

For many of us, our makeup bags have been left almost untouched for the best part of a year. So, we’re itching to try out new looks.

Barely There Foundation

After spending more than a year in and out of lockdown, and spending so much time wearing facemasks, people have begun to embrace their natural skin. And this “less is more” approach to base makeup is predicted to be a big trend throughout Spring and well into Summer.

Lightweight foundations, BB creams, serums and tinted moisturisers are on the rise as people ditch their heavier makeup looks for a natural, dewy “barely there” skin base.

Sculpting With Blush

Blush has been slowly but surely growing in popularity in recent years – Rihanna’s awe-inspiring sculpted blush look at the Met Gala in 2017 was enough to make anyone invest in a new blush.

And in 2021, blush is truly taking off. In fact, beauty experts believe that sculpting and contouring the face with blusher is going to be one of the biggest trends of 2021. From Tom Ford to Valentino, blush was a staple beauty trend at Spring fashion shows.

Faux Freckles

Faux freckles are yet another trend designed to help us achieve that natural barely-there look. Plus, after spending so much time indoors, we’re happy to try anything that’s going to give us that sun-kissed look.

Spring beauty trend 2021 faux freckles

Colourful Eyes

Spring is alllll about colour. And just because we want a natural-looking skin base, doesn’t mean we can go bold with our eye makeup. In 2021, face masks are giving us the perfect excuse to get creative with our eye makeup. Go bold with colour blocks, try your hand at floating crease eyeliner and stock up on colourful glitter eyeshadows.

Hair Trends For Spring

Looking for some on-trend hair inspiration now that the salons have reopened? You’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the top Spring hair trends for 2021.

Grown Out Bangs

Most of us know from personal experience that DIY bangs are never a good idea. So when the salons shut, most people did the sensible thing and let their bangs grow. And once we got the hang of styling them, we realised that grown out curtain bangs actually look pretty great! This shaggy, effortless look suits most face shapes and is sure to be a big trend this Spring.

Low Maintenance Shaggy Hair

Taking inspiration from the ’70s, the shaggy hair cut is expected to be big in 2021. The shaggy look is great with long hair, medium length hair, long bobs and bangs. It’s low maintenance, great for curly hair and always looks cool – what’s not to love?!

One Shade Long Hair

Spring is usually a time to get creative with colour. And highlights are always super popular in the Spring and Summer months. But this Spring, deep and rich natural colours are the way to go.

After lockdown, people want healthy, expensive-looking hair and it’s predicted that natural shades of deep brown and chestnut will be favoured over highlights and lowlights this Spring. Plus, many people are choosing to keep their length (or add to it) and are opting for longer-than-long hair in 2021.

Nails Trends For Spring

We’re sure you have missed having your nails done almost as much as we have missed doing them! Whether you prefer long acrylics or natural gel polishes, there’s no doubt you’ll be excited to get back to the nail salon this Spring.

Playful Patterns

Instagram seems to be bursting with beautiful nail art at the minute. From delicate florals to abstract patterns and animal prints, Spring 2021 is the time to get adventurous with your nail art.

Colourful French Mani

We love this trend! The French manicure is back – but it’s had a makeover for 2021. Slim tips in bold colours or pastel colours are on-trend. You can even go all out and mix and match the shades.

Spring trend 2021 colourful French mani

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