Pathway to Aesthetics Package


We have collaborated with Matrix Hair & Beauty Academy to bring you this Pathway To Aesthetics course and this is designed for complete beginners who are wanting to get into the world of Aesthetics.

It combines our 3 most popular courses, including Foundation Filler and Anti-wrinkle. When booked singly these courses add up to over £4500, but when booked together, you can get them for the amazing price of only £2995.00

With this package you get

  • Step into Aesthetics Course –  Our signature, Step Into Aesthetics course, is specifically designed for complete beginners who have aspirations to start a career in the highly lucrative Aesthetics industry. This is our entry aesthetics training qualification which is all done online via our online learning platform. It also includes a free kit. You can get started from the comfort of your own home and work around your current commitments.


  • Foundation Filler Course – Our wonderful foundation dermal filler course is designed for medics & non-medics. Lip filler is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments and is a great starting point for anyone trying to get into aesthetics.


  • Foundation Anti-Wrinkle –  Our foundation Anti-Wrinkle course is one of our most popular courses and is the course everyone wants to get into. With growing demand from ageing women and men worldwide, the demand for anti wrinkle is only increasing and so is the demand for our course. Booked as part of this package means you get it for a fraction of it RRP and can start to benefit from this very lucrative industry. With small classes and ongoing support that is second to none.

Once completed, you will receive a fully accredited CPD qualification.

If you are serious about making this a new career for yourself, then this is the package for you. It gives you an excellent foundation to build on. It will supply you with all the confidence that you will need to go on and have a successful career in Aesthetics and take on the challenge of the more advanced techniques and even our masterclasses and become a Master Aesthetician.

Please read the full description down the page before purchasing. **IF USING PAYL8R YOU MUST PUT DOWN A DEPOSIT OF £1,499**

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Step Into Aesthetics online course

This course covers:

Level 4 in Anatomy & Physiology Online

Needling Course Online

Mesotherapy Course Online

Chemical Peel Online

Our Anatomy and Physiology course is very in depth, here is some extra information:

17 sections and 165 lessons, we make sure you are full of knowledge after this course

This course takes you on an in-depth journey around the body and finishes with an exam. The areas covered:

Cells & tissues

Circulatory system


The heart


Respiration system


Skeletal system

Olfactory system

Integumentary system

Urinary system

Digestive system

Reproductive system

Endocrine system

Nervous system

Lymphatic system

You will get 3 FREE kits included and sent to you. This includes everything you need to perform these treatments.


To receive your free kit once you have purchased the course please send an email to with your full name and postal address. Please use SIA KIT as your email subject.


You complete the course at your own pace. All the theory is done online. You will send in videos of you performing the chemical peel, needling and mesotherapy before you gain your accredited certificate.




Who is the course for?


The course has been specifically designed for learners with little or no prior experience in the beauty industry.



How can I do fillers and Anti wrinkle with no prior experience!?


This is something we get asked a lot, and our answer is simple. Do not underestimate yourself!! With the correct training and ongoing support, anyone can achieve anything. No one was born with the ability to inject someone’s face, so it is a skill everyone has had to learn.



What Qualifications will I get?


The course is designed to give you the needling experience and beauty qualifications you need to be able to move on to doing the aesthetic treatment such as Anti wrinkle and fillers. So as part of this course you will receive:




  • Level 4 in Anatomy & Physiology – Online



  • Needling Course (derma roller) – Online



  • Mesotherapy Course- Online



  • Chemical Peel Course – Online


We recommend that you do the needling first as your 3 months will start once these are completed. That will then give you three months to work your way through the A&P.



Is this course accredited?


Yes, absolutely! All our courses are accredited with CPD. You can check our registration at



Can I get insured once I have completed the courses?


Yes, once you have completed the courses and we are happy with your case studies, you will be issued a certificate and will be able to get insured.



Once I finish this course, can I do Anti wrinkle and fillers?


Not until you have completed our foundation Anti wrinkle or filler course.



So, what courses can I do once I have completed the SIA Course?


Once you complete the SIA course, you will be able to move on to our foundation courses in Anti wrinkle and fillers. Once you have them, then you can move onto our advanced treatments such as bum filler and lip masterclass and many more.



Do I need to attend the Academy to do the course?


The SIA course is all done online. You will work your way through the units and send us videos of you carrying out treatments at home. Will assess the videos and come back with any improvements or alterations that you need to do. Once we are happy that you are competent will be able to pass you.



Are the Anti wrinkle and fillers all done online also?


No. The theory for the courses are done online, but then you will be invited into the academy to carry out your practical assessments. We recommend making notes and writing down any questions whilst you are doing your theory at home, which we can then discuss with you when you come into the academy. We have done it this way so we can maximise the time you have doing the practical. One thing you can be sure of is that we will be there to support you at any step along the way. We also offer ongoing support, so if any time you feel like you need more training, we will welcome you back into the academy at any point.



How Long Does the SIA Course take?


This will depend on you and how much time you put into it. We have designed the chemical peel, mesotherapy and the derma roller to take a few hours of an evening so if you can get them done ASAP. We set the filler and Anti wrinkle  course 6 weeks after step into aesthetics so you could be qualified in 7/8 weeks depending on the individual.




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