Metallic / Chrome Pigment Powder #6


Posh Nailz Pigment Powders can create a gorgeous on-trend, coloured chrome effect on the nail. Create unique metallic looks to make your styles really stand out.
The end result of our Chrome Powders depends on the colour/s of the gel polish used underneath.
Please note the samples shown in the product images are over natural nude colour.

To use Payl8r, please spend more than £50

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1. Apply your chosen gel polish colour
2. Cure in lamp
3. Apply dry surface top coat
4. Apply Posh Nailz chrome pigment powder effect our chrome applicator (or use any clean eyeshadow applicator) Rubbing into the surface.
5. Brush off the rest of the powder using very soft brush
7. Apply dry surface top coat, secure free edge carefully
8. Cure in lamp