Full Body Massage Private Course


  • Course Content:

Day 1: Health & Safety/ Benefits of massage, contra-indications/ Body Shapes discussion, body fat/types of fat/ Massage moves and massage mediums/Watch Demo of Back Massage/ Learners to practice back massage on each other.30 mins each/ A+P of lymphatic system and cardio-vascular system./ Function and Effects that massage has on these systems.

Day 2: Practice Back Massages/ A&P of muscles in body and the effects of massage on muscles/ Watch Demo of Full Body Massage/ One learner to practice full body massage/ Contra-Actions that occur during massage/ Aftercare advice to massage

Day 3: One learner to practice full body massage/ Demo of face and scalp massage/ Learners to practice face and scalp massage/ Recap/Exam/ Homework- To practice back massage and full body, face and scalp in preparation for assessment day.

Certificate on completion.

  • Course Duration: 3 Days
  • Contact Email: info@poshlook.co.uk
  • Kit Content: 200ml Grape seed oil, 5 record cards.


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