Cordless Mobile Electric File (E-File)


Posh Nailz Portable E-File designed for simple and convenient use in the nail industry.
It has a forward and reverse dual direction for left or right-handed nail technicians. 0 to 30,000 RPM adjustable speed. Quiet & smooth operation and the handpiece has a flexible extension.





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How to Use:
1. Plug the DC socket into the handpiece. 2. Plug into an appropriate power socket. 3. Insert the bit into the collet of the handpiece directly. 4. Choose the mode ʻFʼ(FORWARD) or ʻRʼ(REVERSE) direction. 5. Adjust the speed level by sliding the speed control dial.
Removing and Mounting of the bit.
a. To remove a bit, turn the chuck handle towards ‘R’ until it clicks, stop then pull out the bit. b. To mount a bit, make sure that the chuck is in open position, insert a bit all the way into the chuck, and turn the chuck handle towards ” ‘S’ until if clicks.  Check the bit is firmly attached to the collet.