If you want to spend your days painting beautiful faces, meeting diverse people, experimenting with makeup looks AND getting paid to do it – makeup artistry might just be the career for you.

Being a makeup artist is an amazing job. But as with all great professions, it takes time, dedication, and hard work.

In this blog, we provide a ten-step guide on how to become an excellent makeup artist. What are you waiting for? Your makeup career awaits…

1.      Choose A Course

Thanks to the abundance of make-up tutorials and tips on the web, the industry now has its fair share of self-taught makeup artists. There is absolutely nothing wrong with teaching yourself and using online sources to improve your skills. But there are some aspects of makeup artistry that you can’t teach yourself.

And if you want to get better jobs and reach bigger clients, you need to focus on becoming a qualified makeup artist.

To become a fully certified makeup artist, you must choose a Makeup Artistry Course. There are many online courses available, but if you want in-depth training and hands-on experience, you’re best opting for a classroom-based course.

2.      Enrol & Train

Once you have enrolled on your chosen course, you will be given a start date. At Posh Look, our Level 3 Makeup Artistry Course lasts between 18-22 weeks. It is classroom-based and suitable for all experience levels, including beginners. The course covers the following topics:

  • Health and safety
  • Client care and communication
  • Promote products and services
  • Camouflage makeup
  • Mendhi design
  • Face and body art
  • Media makeup
  • Instruct and apply makeup
  • Fashion photographic makeup.

You will be expected to attend all classes and must take the time to study, carry out assessments and practice your skills. Starter Kits will be provided, which include a henna and camouflage kit, special effects kit and media makeup kit. You can add additional products to your kid if you wish.

3.      Get Certified

Once you have successfully completed each module on your makeup artistry course, and you have achieved higher than 70% on the final exam, you will receive your official certificate.

As a certified makeup artist, you are more employable and have a better chance of building a client base. Plus, it is easier for you to acquire insurance, which is important if you are self-employed.

4.      Practice, Practice, Practice

Getting certified is just the beginning of your journey! If you want a successful career in makeup artistry, you have to work hard for it. The industry is saturated with makeup artists. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to be skilled, experienced and knowledgeable.

You should practice on a wide range of people of different ages, genders and skin types. You could even shadow experienced makeup artists to pick up tips and expand your knowledge. Everybody is different. Every face will require a different approach. Talk to clients, makeup artists and other beauticians to gain an understanding of what different skin types require.

Spend time getting to know each skin type and exploring the best products for them. You also need to practice different styles of makeup. Some people prefer their makeup to look as natural as possible, others love nothing more than a bold look.

With the industry changing so quickly, a makeup artist never stops learning.

Posh Look festival makeup

5.      Be Open To Job Opportunities

When you are newly qualified, the job opportunities may not be what you had expected. But any job will build experience. Even if it isn’t what you had dreamed, approach it with a positive mindset and always be professional.

Treat each client or customer how you would like to be treated. You never know who you are going to meet or what opportunities may come from it.

6.      Stay On Top Of Trends

The makeup industry is fast-paced. Between celebrities, influencers and social media, makeup trends are always coming and going. And any good makeup artist will be on the ball.

You should have a strong presence on social media and should be open to trying out new techniques or products that are currently trending.

7.      Attend Beauty Events

Beauty events are an excellent way for you to network with others in the beauty industry. By attending events, you will be among the first to know about new products, makeup trends and industry news. You will be exposed to new opportunities and will be able to broaden your list of industry contacts.

8.      Research Your Products

A good makeup artist knows their products. Be open to trying a wide range of brands, from affordable high-street brands to designer brands. And ensure your kit is well-stocked with tried and tested products for a range of skin types and shades.

Your makeup clients trust and value your option and will often have questions. You should also be able to advise your clients on which products and brands are best for their requirements.  

9.      Choose Your Niche

This is optional. Some makeup artists have a niche that they specialise in. Having a niche will help you stand out from the crowd and will open the door to new opportunities.

However, it will likely require additional training. Your niche may be bridal makeup, stage and theatre makeup, runway makeup, print makeup or even celebrity makeup.

10. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Creative

Makeup is art. Don’t be afraid to express yourself through your makeup skills. Having a unique take on makeup techniques might even land you bigger clients or better opportunities. Creativity will help you stand apart from your competitors.

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Our range of privately funded training courses are suitable for everyone. Whether you are kickstarting your career in the beauty industry or enhancing your existing skills, we have a course for you.

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